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High Voltage Systems 11kV,22kV,33kV,66kV


System Studies

Software tools for 11kV system studies

Although we were taught the old fashioned way with positive and negative and zero sequence components we do accept that its a lot easier to run a system study using a PC

11kV Ltd has invested in a number of state of the art software packages for loadflow, fault level and discrimination studies.

ERACS, ETAP, AMTECH, DINIS with the engineers to run them are all available to us.

If its an LV switchboard or a distributed generation 11kV system then we can model it and with engineers trained in classical techniques e can recognise the old saying... "garbage in garbage out " so we do study the results to make sure they are realistic.



11kV Ltd have purchased ERACS, ETAP, and Amtech 11kv  Ltd is working on an 8MVA generation project in Lagos, Nigeria. This will provide a new fifteen panel HV switchboard and the refurbishment of an existing 7km 11kV distribution network. We are constructing package substations in the UK and shipping the completed units to Lagos where we will install and commission the plant. The next stage will be to train the local staff to operate it. Part of this project is to integrate a new diesel generator into the existing 4 generator set board.

Our generator division is providing all of the necessary Scada, controls and mains synchronisation for the new switchboard as well as the 2.5MW generator.


HV maintenance

As well as designing and building networks we also offer consultancy to assess your network for its state of health using non invasive partial discharge testing and detailed visual inspection and can carry out invasive investigations into switchgear and transformers. We work very closely with experts in insulation oils and can provide reports on the state of your oil filled switchgear and transformers. We carry out routine maintenance of switchgear and transforms including protection enhancements and testing using the latest test gear.

HV training

2012 is seeing an increased demand for training and already 11kV has provided a range of courses including an intensive five day course for a computer data centre site manager and a 3 day course for facilities management engineers at a large business complex.